Practicum Opportunity Details

  • The SAHE Program requires that students complete 4 credits of Practicum. Students can register for 2 credits of Practicum in any semester (after their first). Practicums should be 60 hours and must be unpaid. Practicum experiences should augment a student's knowledge/experience in an area and should address one or more competencies (see ACPA/NASPA Professional Competencies).If you have a project/program opportunity in your office that you believe would fit the Practicum requirements, fill out the form below. We cannot guarantee student interest, but value partnerships and sharing a broad range of opportunities with students. Please contact Shirl Portillos, SAHE Practicum Coordinator at or (970) 491-4704 with questions.
  • Include the nature of experience and/or projects to be completed.
  • Include information related to requirements for project start and/or completion.