Application Instructions for Student Affairs Assistantships

  1. A separate assistantship application is not required for applicants to the residential Student Affairs in Higher Education Degree Program. Your application to the degree program will also serve as your application to open assistantships. Assistantship supervisors will have the opportunity to review applications and will use this information as a guide to how you work within a particular office environment. Applicants from other graduate degree programs at Colorado State University should complete the Assistantship Application.
  2. Before filling out your application, please review the position descriptions to become aware of the general responsibilities and duties of the assistantship position(s).
  3. APPLICATION DEADLINE – Applications to the Student Affairs in Higher Education degree program must be completed and submitted no later than December 1.  Application can be found here.
    • Applicants invited to campus for Student Affairs in Higher Education degree program interviews will be given the opportunity to rank their interest in assistantships to assist the program in scheduling assistantship interviews. Applicants applying to other graduate programs should indicate assistantship interest on the “Assistantship Application” before it is submitted.

Selection Criteria for Assistantships

  • The initial selection of final candidates for assistantships will be based upon a review of the application information.
  • Final selection for assistantship placement is determined through review of degree program application information, assistantship supervisor interviews with applicants, and contact with references if additional information is needed.
  • Applicants must be admitted to the Colorado State University before assistantships can be confirmed.

Information about the Selection Procedure

If you are invited to campus for an interview in connection with your application to the graduate program in Student Affairs in Higher Education, assistantship interviews will take place during this time. If you are unable to attend interview days in person, video conference or telephone interviews will be arranged. Applicants majoring in other graduate programs who are selected as final candidates will be contacted by assistantship supervisors to make arrangements for personal interviews.

Student Affairs assistantships decisions and offers will be made in early March, concurrent with program admission decisions. Starting dates will be negotiated with the supervisors.

All Student Affairs assistantships are designed for the academic year, however employment contracts must be re-signed each semester. Before the end of the contract period in the spring, Graduate Assistants are encouraged to interview for a different assistantship in which they may be interested or choose to return to their current assistantship to get a more in-depth experience. All graduate assistantship appointments and re-appointments will require an interview process.