Assistantship Information

Graduate assistantships provide students the opportunity to combine theory and practice while offering financial assistance that includes remission of tuition and a stipend. At 20-25 hours per week, these assistantships allow students to focus on academic coursework and take advantage of other professional opportunities. Please note, not all positions may be available in a given year, and general responsibilities may shift as programs develop through the academic year.

Assistantships are offered for a 9-10 month period during the academic year (August/September-May). Some positions require summer employment, which will be compensated through a separate contract and remuneration. Please see individual position descriptions for more detailed information.

The Graduate School Assistantship Resources website provides helpful assistantship information, including minimum stipend guidelines.  Please note, most first year assistantships will provide out-of-state tuition for non-residents. In the second year, most assistantships will only pay resident tuition.  For information on residency requirements see the Office of Financial Aid website.

If you are interested in one of our assistantships but applying to a different graduate program at Colorado State University, please complete this application by April 1. This deadline applies to non-Student Affairs in Higher Education degree program applicants only. All Student Affairs in Higher Education degree program application materials are due December 1.

Please note, admitted Student Affairs in Higher Education graduate students have first priority for all Student Affairs assistantships. Interviews with graduate students from other programs will occur after all Student Affairs in Higher Education students have been placed (mid-April).