About the Journal

Each year, the Student Affairs in Higher Education graduate students at Colorado State University produce the Journal of Student Affairs.

The board consists of eight editors, and a reader board. The Journal accepts articles from alumni, current students, faculty, Student Affairs in Higher Education affiliates, and anyone interested in furthering the scholarship of the student affairs profession. Articles are submitted in the fall and the Journal is published mid-Spring. Please enjoy reading the Journal and consider submitting a scholarly work for the upcoming edition.


The mission of the Colorado State University Journal of Student Affairs is to develop and produce a scholarly publication that reflects current national and international education issues and the professional interests of student affairs practitioners.

Goals of the Journal of Student Affairs

  • The Journal will promote scholarly work and perspectives from graduate students and student affairs professionals, reflecting the importance of professional and academic research and writing in higher education.
  • The Editorial Board of the Journal will offer students opportunities to develop editorial skills, critical thinking, and writing skills while producing a professional publication.


The Journal of Student Affairs has a deadline that typically falls about halfway through the fall semester. The 2022 priority submission deadline is October 28, 2022 at 11:59pm MDT. Authors can use the Submit to the Journal page to submit articles.

As a peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Student Affairs is inviting literature review and original research submissions on an assortment of topics within the field of higher education and student affairs, with a focus on emerging trends and current issues in accordance with the NASPA/ACPA Competencies.

If you have any questions regarding the Journal of Student Affairs, direct them to sahe@colostate.edu.