Going LIVE with SAHE!


This fall, the Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) program provided an opportunity for the SAHE community, across the country and world, to engage in informational and research presentations occurring on campus.  Using Facebook Live as the platform, the SAHE community was invited to participate in the Access and Research Dialogue Series, hosted by the Division of Student Affairs at CSU.   Many of the featured speakers represent alumni of the program, or currently serve as faculty members.  In an effort to share with more members of the SAHE community, and offer additional opportunities to engage in the research and conversations happening on campus, we invite you to take part in the experience by watching the videos below.

Join the Colorado State University SAHE Facebook Group for program updates, and to participate live as additional opportunities arise.

In Search of Social Justice Praxis – Dr. Ryan Barone

Ensuring Diverse Teaching & Learning Environments Post-Fisher II – Dr. OiYan Poon

Writing for Publication Panel – Dr. D-L Stewart, Dr. OiYan Poon, Dr. Albert Bimper,

Key Communities: Gathering and Interpreting – Tae Nosaka, Dr. Heather Novak, Dr. Christina Paguyo

Access Without Inclusion: Lessons From U.S. Black Collegians at Mid-Century – Dr. D-L Stewart