Global Perspectives in Student Affairs: Student Perspectives Day 6


Student Perspectives: Day 6

Today we had the opportunity to attend a performance of Nanta.  Nanta is one of the most widely attended performances in Korean history and combines acrobatics, acting, comedy, and cooking!  Having no context for what to expect when entering the performance hall, I quickly found myself swept away by the show’s percussive music, talented acrobatics, and audience engagement.  I was even called up on stage!  Attached you’ll see a photo of me at my “wedding.”  Turns out the entire performance was about cooking food for my wedding reception!  Another member of our cohort was also called up on stage to compete in a dumpling cooking contest.  The entire experience is one I will never forget.  After the performance, we traveled up the street through a unique area filled with lights and shops to a restaurant where we ate amazing Korean barbeque.  Dinner provided a great opportunity to decompress from the day and spend quality time with both students and faculty.  Ending the day today I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the individuals I have the opportunity to share this experience with. While many of us have had the chance to develop relationships throughout the last year and a half, being here experiencing a new place with a group of humans who are so thoughtful and kind is truly special.  I could not be more thankful.