Global Perspectives in Student Affairs 2018


Global Perspectives in Student Affairs 2018

Student Affairs professionals must be prepared to work with an increasingly culturally diverse student, staff, and faculty population; respond to students who study or travel abroad and the transitional challenges of returning from international experiences; work with a growing population of international undergraduate and graduate students, and respond to the increasing demands from the federal government and educational associations to internationalize higher education.

The international field experience course includes an overview of student affairs and higher education in a global context, an orientation to education abroad, program logistics and details of the course and the in-country field experience.

As part of the SAHE Program, students can choose to participate in an international field experience course, to obtain an overview of student affairs and higher education in a global context. This year, the students and faculty members are traveling to South Korea. We will be sharing out more about the experience from the student perspective as they keep us updated – we look forward to sharing with you!

Student Perspectives Day 1: Seoul

For our first day in Seoul, we started together on a city tour and broke off into groups to explore. Despite being anxious about traveling to a country with a different lettering system than I knew, I was really surprised to see that I was quickly able to pick up on how to read the city map and navigate the subway around the city. My group ended up spending a majority of our time in the Itaewon neighborhood, an area that is really popular with younger and queer crowds. I was excited to see so many neat places, try lots of delicious food, and spend the day with great company. My biggest piece of learning from the day has been to try to actually pace myself with how often I eat here (because delicious food does not mean that my digestive system is ready to eat several meals less than 2 hours apart just after a 16-hour time change…shocker), but even once I started to get a stomach ache, good friends provide awesome encouragement and support. That’s it for day one, and as I lay down for an early sleep, I’m looking forward to going to our first university of the field experience tomorrow!
– Tyler