Practicum Resources

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  • Student Affairs in Higher Education Program requirement – 2 credits (an additional 2 credits may be used to complete the cognate and electives requirement)
  • Students can register for 2 credits of Practicum (EDUC 686A) in any semester (after their first semester) or summer session (this is a variable credit course so students must register for 2 credits).
  • Students who enroll in EDUC 686A during the summer semester are responsible for the tuition payment.
  • Practicums should be 60 hours and must be unpaid. If a practicum is a paid summer internship, students must complete a minimum of 60 hours of internship unpaid in order to receive practicum credit.

Registration Process

  • Students should first seek out/identify a practicum opportunity they are interested in (something that augments their knowledge/experience in an area and addresses 1 or more competencies).
  • Students must receive advisor approval and discuss portfolio competencies they will be seeking to meet through the practicum before signing up for Practicum
  • Students must also receive assistantship supervisor approval and discuss their practicum interest and time commitment before signing up for practicum credit.
  • Students must meet with the practicum supervisor to discuss in detail the specifics of the practicum. This should include specifics of what the outcome will be (paper/product/work hours, etc.) and portfolio competencies they will be seeking to meet through the practicum.
  • Students must complete an Application for Approval of Practicum (SOE Form 81). Email with your practicum supervisor’s name and email address, your advisor’s name, and the semester you plan to enroll in EDUC 686A. The SOE-81 form will be sent to your CSU email address via Adobe Sign and automatically routed to your supervisor and advisor for signatures.
  • Students will be required to list portfolio competencies they expect to meet through the practicum (attached in a supplemental document to the form). If students do not submit the competencies on their form a grade will not be submitted at the end of the semester until this requirement is completed.
  • Upon approval of the form, students will receive a completed copy from Adobe Sign and a separate email with registration information.
  • Students should register for 2 credits for the practicum (Variable credit course). It is the student’s responsibility to register for the practicum after they have completed the form and received the registration information.


  • Toward the end of the semester, the Practicum Coordinator will reach out to Practicum Supervisors seeking an evaluation of the students’ performance via e-mail.
  • Practicum Supervisors will receive a link via Campus Labs/Baseline to evaluate students.
  • Based off of the evaluation, Practicum Supervisors will be asked to provide either an “S” (Satisfactory completion) or a “U” (Unsatisfactory completion) of the practicum.
  • Upon completion, the Practicum Coordinator will forward evaluations  to the Practicum Supervisor, the Advisor, and the student. 


  • Students should not split practicum credits (for example, register for 1 credit one semester and 1 credit another). Both credits must be registered for within the same semester.
  • Students can ONLY register for 2 credits of practicum per semester.
  • Students can complete a practicum during summer or breaks and register for the practicum credit the following semester (students can complete paperwork prior to practicum and hold until registering). Students cannot enroll in practicum credit before the experience is completed.
  • Practicum selection for students should be intentional and in an area in which the student wants to enhance their knowledge or experience. Practicums should complement assistantship or professional experience by addressing portfolio competencies.
  • The Practicum process is discussed in depth in EDRM 663 for one full class period in which the process is outlined in detailed and second year SAHE students provide perspective on their personal experiences with their Practicums for first year students.

For more information, contact Shirl Portillos, Student Affairs in Higher Education Practicum Coordinator at

Additional information is also available on the Practicum Instructions for Students,  found here.