International Student Affairs in Higher Education (iSAHE) is an organization that provides resources for students in the Student Affairs and Higher Education Master’s program who are passionate about international education. iSAHE supports students interested in working with diverse student populations, traveling abroad to learn about international education, or looking to benefit from professional development opportunities in the area of international education. Past iSAHE international excursions have included trips to Vancouver and Toronto to visit several higher education institutions. In collaboration with the SAHE department, iSAHE has the ability to allocate travel grants to students pursuing international internships and practica in locations such as Switzerland, Costa Rica, England, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, China, and with Semester at Sea.

During the 2012 winter, iSAHE partnered with the SAHE program to offer a three credit seminar and two week international field experience in Qatar to second year SAHE students. The two-week field experience and seminar, titled Global Perspectives in Student Affairs & Student Services, connected two prestigious Higher Education Master’s programs in the United States (CSU and University of Maryland) with students, faculty, and staff from several institutions in Education City, Qatar to explore higher education initiatives through an intensive five-day Young Professionals Institute (YPI).

In January 2013, the SAHE program will again offer the three-credit Global Perspectives in Higher Education course, and two-week international field experiences to Mexico and China for second year SAHE students. The course consisted of an overview of international student services, and cultural foundations to prepare students for their experience abroad.

During the 2013 winter break, five second year SAHE students will travel to Merida, Mexico to visit the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan. Students will participate in student affairs presentations, roundtable discussions, and service-learning projects. Additionally, students will learn about Mexican culture, and the history of Mexican higher education. Students will also have the opportunity to visit Chichen Itza, a large pre-Columbian city built by the Maya civilization.

Similarly, eight SAHE students will travel to China and Hong Kong for two weeks in January 2013. Participants will visit Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong to learn about Chinese higher education and student services, along with the country’s culture and history. Participants will be part of student services round-table discussions with East China Normal University, INTO Higher Education—Shanghai, and the Hong Kong Student Services Association. Additionally, all travelers will present at theSino-U.S. Higher Education Professional Exchange round-table with New York University in Shanghai, and the Quality Improvement in Higher Education: Role of Student Affairs conference at Beijing Normal University. Travelers will also have the opportunity to visit the Great Wall of China, Tian’anmen Square, and The Summer Palace.

SAHE students have also completed many internationally-focused practicums and independent studies at CSU, with other institutions in the United States and abroad, including:

· International Student and Scholar Services (inbound)
· Education Abroad (outbound) students
· Franklin College (Switzerland)
· Universidad de Costa Rica
· Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico)
· University of Northern Colorado International Office
· Global Links
· Global Village Living and Learning Community
· International Student Affairs and Higher Education (iSAHE)
· International Presidential Fellows

We welcome any and all SAHE students! If you are interested in being a part of iSAHE and have questions, please contact Olivia Des Chenes ( or Spencer Ellis (

Practicum Experiences:

SAHE students visit China and Hong Kong for International Field Experience

SAHE students visit the Autonomous University of Yucatan for International Field Experience

Joe Kowalczyk

“Last summer, I had the pleasure and fortune of completing a practicum with the Office of Student Life at Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland. While I was there, I worked with two of the full-time staff members, Kyle Carpenter and Stephanie Muehlethaler, on various projects, including summer orientation, fall orientation leader training, and resident assistant training. My practicum offered so much more than this however. Faculty and staff members at Franklin College educate students from all around the globe with students coming from six continents. While I was there, I was immersed in differing cultural exchanges, intercultural communication styles, and ethical and religious principles. These elements gave me the opportunity to view orientation and residence life through a different lens. Additionally, while I was in Switzerland, I was able to enjoy the beauty and culture of the area and several of the surrounding countries, including Italy, France, and the Czech Republic. All in all, I was thrilled to complete this practicum. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Khouri Markos

“The opportunity to complete a practicum in the United Arab Emirates will always highlight my experience in the SAHE program! My supervisor in the UAE, the Dean of Student Services at the University of Dubai is a SAHE alum. As a result, I was able to apply concepts learned in the CSU/SAHE program to my work in student life and development at the University of Dubai.

Experiencing firsthand the work environment and culture of Dubai was eye opening and truly transforming in terms of my own growth and global awareness. The experience was a constant adventure and allowed me to extend far beyond my comfort zone– the key to a successful learning experience. On a daily basis, I learned lessons in cross cultural communication, cultural differences, and cultural perceptions.

What I loved most about being in Dubai was the multicultural and metropolitan atmosphere that exists and draws people from all over the world. The geographical diversity represented in this fascinating city provided me with the opportunity to learn from people all over the globe, including Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, India, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and Kenya (to name a few)!

Completing a practicum in this vibrant area of the Middle East allowed me to see higher education from new perspectives including opportunities that exist, areas where development is needed, and the extent to which the culture of the region impacts daily decisions. It also confirmed for me that Americans must have more exposure to this hospitable and misunderstood region. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful students, staff, and co-workers who will remain in my memories for years to come and ‘inshallah,’ one day I will return!”