The Editorial Board wishes to thank the following individuals for their contributions toward the success of the 2018-2019 Journal of Student Affairs:

  • Cole Wise, Executive Assistant for the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, for their continued support and for their assistance in preparing the Editorial Board for success at ASHE 2017.
  • Justin Thimgan, Housing and Dining Services Technology Services Assistant Coordinator, for his technical assistance during each Editorial Board meeting.
  • Dr. Pamela Graglia, Assistant Professor and Assistant Program Coordinator of the SAHE Program, Student Affairs in Higher Education master’s program for her diligent efforts in updating and overseeing the Journal of Student Affairs website.
  • Dr. D-L Stewart, SAHE Leadership Team, Professor, Student Affairs in Higher Education master’s program for providing this edition’s guest article.
  • Dr. Jen Johnson, SAHE Leadership Team, Assistant Director, Office of Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement for building greater connections between the on-campus and online students on the Journal.
  • Karla Perez-Velez, Assistant Director of Apartment Life, for pushing us to consider the future of Journals and Journal Editorial Boards to come, and her constant dedication to our professional development as Journal Editorial Board members.
  • Teresa Metzger, Residence Life Assistant Director of Academic Initiatives, for her time dedicated to making this year’s Journal one of the best it’s ever been, and her support and guidance with the overall editing and review process.
  • Colleen Rodriguez, Communications Coordinator for Communications and Creative Services, for her commitment in printing professional quality copies of the Journal of Student Affairs.
  • SAHE faculty and advisors, for preparing and serving as guides to several authors and Editorial Board members during this process.
  • Members of the Editorial Board for dedicating a tremendous level of professionalism and passion, and for their commitment to making the Journal a better and more available publication than ever before.
  • Contributing Journal Reviewers for their hard work and dedication to editing and analyzing articles.
  • The authors and contributors who chose to submit articles to the 28th Annual Journal of Student Affairs. Your research, dedication, and quality contributions made it possible to produce this edition.
  • NASPA and ASHE graduate program directories for assisting the Journal of Student Affairs in reaching out to a broader audience of graduate students and new professionals who wish to submit articles for publication.