Our Core Values


The Student Affairs in Higher Education degree comprises of a variety of courses introducing students to all facets of the profession, including ideas that are new or becoming increasingly relevant to the field. Faculty encourage critical thought by providing situations with multiple correct solutions, and help students refine the why a particular response was selected.


Our scholar-practitioner faculty synthesize academic knowledge and research with practical day-to-day knowledge of the operation of a university to provide a holistic education to our students. To make change, knowledge and wisdom must be applied. Faculty share information from their intellectual pursuits and wisdom from their experiences with students.

Social Justice & Inclusion

Creating and nurturing inclusive environments to value and affirm all members of our community, including their various identities, skills, ideas, talents, and contributions is a cornerstone of the SAHE program. As higher education administrators, we are responsible to give our time towards ensuring laws, policies, and procedures promote justice in all respects.


Students are supported and challenged throughout their SAHE experience. Students complete self-assessments, work alongside their advisors, mentors, and supervisors on their professional and personal achievement levels to develop an auto-ethnographic portfolio documenting growth through the program.