SAHE Program preparing next generation of leaders in higher education

The School of Education’s Student Affairs in Higher Education Program has been a fixture at Colorado State University for more than 50 years. Founded in 1967, the SAHE Program is designed to prepare student affairs practitioners through a variety of offerings, including residential and online Master of Science Degrees, four graduate certificates and a massive open online course — MOOC ... Read More


The Editorial Board wishes to thank the following individuals for their contributions toward the success of the 2018-2019 Journal of Student Affairs: Cole Wise, Executive Assistant for the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, for their continued support and for their assistance in preparing the Editorial Board for success at ASHE 2017. Justin Thimgan, Housing and Dining Services … Read More

Advisors’ Perspective

Teresa Metzger & Karla Perez-Velez, SAHE Journal Board Advisors The 2018-2019 Colorado State University (CSU) Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) Editorial Board for the Journal of Student Affairs has brought forward an engaging Journal for student affairs practitioners and scholars. We believe you will enjoy reading this year’s Journal of Student Affairs and appreciate the learning and development the … Read More

Managing Editors’ Perspective

Stephanie Cuevas, Managing Editor – Technical Génesis Góngora Balam, Managing Editor – Marketing and Outreach Patrick Ramirez, Managing Editor – Training and Development Isabel Villalobos-Galeana, Managing Editor – Coordination The Journal of Student Affairs is proud to present its 28th edition for publication. For 27 years, Colorado State University (CSU) graduate students have worked diligently to produce this annual scholarly … Read More

State of the Program

Dafina-Lazarous Stewart, Ph.D. Jennifer Johnson, Ph.D. Pamela Graglia, Ph.D.   This marks the 51st year of the Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) program at Colorado State University. The SAHE program continues to respond to the demands of our changing profession while centering the learning and development of our students. We extend our appreciation to faculty, staff, advisors, assistantship supervisors, … Read More

Student-Athletes: Academics and Identity for Black Male College Students in Revenue-Generating Sports – A Literature Review

Gordon Maples, Nina Berger, Candace Collins, and Michelle Healey Vanderbilt University Abstract This literature review delves into the documented social and academic experiences of Black student-athletes competing at the highest level of competition in the most high-profile, revenue-generating sports (most typically defined as football and men’s basketball) for university athletics in the United States. Black student-athletes as a whole have … Read More

Socialized Masculinity and Its Influence on Male Foster Youth Alumni Stopping Out of College

Felipe D. Longoria Central Plains Center for Services Corey B. Rumann University of Nebraska – Lincoln Abstract Using a narrative approach and a gendered lens that focuses on hegemonic masculinity, this qualitative research study examined how foster care experiences and dominant forms of masculinities influenced the collegegoing experiences of cisgender men who are foster youth alumni. The study identified the … Read More

Examining Diversity in Student Affairs: An Analysis of Diversity Definitions and Supports

Leah Hakkola University of Maine Abstract The presence of diversity on campus can generate an environment of increased innovation, creativity, and inclusive excellence. However, despite efforts to increase diversity in equitable, economical, and culturally responsive ways, data on diverse student admissions and retention indicates that the intention to increase diversity to a level reflective of the student body has yet … Read More

Does Emotional Intelligence Predict Persistence among Students on Academic Probation

Sylvia L. Mendez, Ph.D. University of Colorado Colorado Springs Carrie Arnold, Ph.D. University of Colorado Colorado Springs Patty Erjavec, Ph.D. Pueblo Community College Leona Lopez, Ph.D. Pikes Peak Community College Abstract This study examines the influence of emotional intelligence (EI) on persistence among students on academic probation utilizing the Multi-Health Systems EQ-i 2.0 Higher Education Assessment. Binary logistic regression was … Read More

Surviving Whiteness and White People: The Coping Strategies of Black, Entry-Level Student Affairs Professionals

Robin Phelps-Ward, Ed.D. Clemson University Jeff Kenney, Ph.D. Oregon State University Abstract Though Whiteness permeates all United States colleges and universities, a concerted effort in postsecondary education to shatter White institutional presence and nurture inclusive and equitable environments for Black student affairs professionals does not exist. This qualitative study focuses on the narratives of three Black, entry-level student affairs professionals … Read More