The Journal Editorial Board is comprised of current graduate students in the Colorado State University Student Affairs in Higher Education program. The positions are volunteer and board members are selected through an application process.

Journal Reviewer Responsibilities

  • If interested email
  • Utilizes knowledge of the APA manual for editing techniques
  • Participates in all three rounds of Journal review
  • Provides editorial feedback to prospective authors as part of reading teams
  • Assists with article selection process by rating quality of articles and providing recommendations for publication
  • Busy season will be October and November. Three rounds of review with four to five articles depending on volume of submissions and number of readers.

Editorial Board Responsibilities

  • Maintain communication with the Advisors to the Journal Board
  • Attend biweekly Editorial Board Meetings
  • Provide leadership and direction for the Editorial Board
  • Read all articles and consult with the Editorial Board about the quality and subject matter of the articles being considered for submission
  •  Work with Editorial Board to encourage submission of articles from various higher education institutions, student affairs graduate programs, and professional associations both nationally and internationally
  • Attend Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) Conference

Coordination Editing Team

Managing Editor: KK Miller | Associate Editor: TBD

  • Facilitate Editorial Board meetings and create agendas
  • Responsible for all communication with authors
  • Keeps accurate records of all materials, including correspondence, expenditures, and other communication
  • Maintains contact with the Editorial Board regarding the author submission and edits timeline
  • Distributes articles to Reader Board
  • Works with the Student Affairs in Higher Education administrative assistant and Alumni Association for the use of the Student Affairs in Higher Education alumni database
  • Updates Student Affairs in Higher Education program Co-Directors of any pertinent changes to the Journal of Student Affairs
  • Coordinates Editorial Board application process
  • Maintains communication with the Program Co-Directors of the Student Affairs in Higher Education program
  • Solicits “State of the Program” page from the Student Affairs in Higher Education program Co-Directors well in advance of production weekend
  • Coordinates distribution of hard copies of the Journal to those requested

Marketing & Outreach Editing Team

Managing Editor: Benjamin Petrie | Associate Editor: TBD

  • Creates and maintains a database of contacts of various student affairs graduate students, professionals, institutions and associations
  • Creates and distributes the press release announcing the pending publication and release date of the Journal
  • Creates and distributes the invitation, encouraging article authors, Colorado State University faculty and staff, Student Affairs in Higher Education program alumni, and current Student Affairs in Higher Education program students to attend the Journal Release Party
  • Coordinates production of postcards announcing release of the Journal
  • Works with Colorado State University mail services to send postcards to Student Affairs in Higher Education program alumni
  • Coordinates with Web Development to maintain the Journal of Student Affairs webpage
  • Utilizes social media to market Journal of Student Affairs related events (call for submissions, cover contest, etc.)

Technical Editing Team

Managing Editor: Kayla Montanez | Associate Editor: TBD

  • Oversees the technical merit and quality of the Journal of Student Affairs
  • Utilizes knowledge of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition for editing techniques
  • Assists the Reader Board with technical knowledge including the length, style, and grammatical expectations of articles
  • Ensures that the comments provided by the Reader Board members are constructive and appropriate
  • Facilitates discussion of final decision making process of which articles will be published
  • With advisors, ensures overall comments are compiled and final edits completed
  • Oversees production and the completion and printing of the Journal of Student Affairs
  • Writes “Acknowledgements” page with input from the Editorial Board
  • Makes arrangements with the printer at least one month prior to Production Weekend and confirms turnaround time of final product
  • Takes minutes for Editorial meetings

Training & Development Editing Team

Managing Editor: TBD | Associate Editor: TBD

  • With faculty advisors, coordinates APA training for 1st year Student Affairs in Higher Education cohort
  • Coordinates APA training for Editorial Board
  • Oversees Reader Board training presentation
  • Distributes articles to Reader Board in conjunction with Coordination Managing Editor
  • Coordinates all logistics of training sessions – food, location, dates, etc.
  • Plan and organize Journal of Student Affairs release party
  • Creates and maintains the budget for the Journal of Student Affairs
  • Writes possible NASPA Program Proposals for the Journal of Student Affairs
  • Assist with professional development sessions for Editorial Board
  • Coordinates August social for incoming Student Affairs in Higher Education program students